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The UK’s Women and Equalities Committee

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The Women and Equalities Committee is a government body Select Committee with oversight of the sexist Government Equalities Office, a sub-ministry to the Women’s Minister. By it’s name, it is clear that it is not much about equalities. What might not be so clear is that it is not much about women, either: it is mostly about feminism.

To that extent, the make-up of the current Women and Equalities Committee is surprisingly light on overt feminists. Nevertheless, in a country with around 9% feminists, only one member, at most, should be a feminist (“at most” because nobody voted for the feminists).

The members are:

Caroline Nokes MP. Chair. (Conservative)

Nickie Aiken MP (Conservative)
Member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women in Parliament (see below).

Sara Britcliffe MP (Conservative)
Sara Britcliffe is one of the youngest Conservative MPs, in her mid-twenties. A political high-flyer, having already served as a mayoress.
No overt feminist connection.

Angela Crawley MP (Scottish National Party)
Feminist. Anti-romance.

Virginia Crosbie MP (Conservative)
In 2017 she became the director of Women2Win, a leading campaign to elect more Conservative women to Parliament, later working as a senior researcher for economic empowerment for Maria Miller MP (past chair of Women and Equalities Committee).
Vice Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women in Parliament (see below).

Alex Davies-Jones MP (Labour)
Supports women against State Pension age equality (WASPI).
Appointed by a women-only list to a safe seat.
Otherwise, no clear feminist connections.

Rosie Duffield MP (Labour)
Supported by the so-called Women’s Equality Party (not necessarily with her blessing).
Member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women in Parliament (see below).
SJW-warrior leanings.

Peter Gibson MP (Conservative)
A successful businessman and solicitor who was probably as surprised as anyone else that he won the last election. No indication of feminist pollution.

Kim Johnson MP (Labour)

Kate Osborne MP (Labour)
Unite National Trade Union Representative
Once shared a misogynist image of Theresa May (has apologised for it).
Was reportedly “imposed” upon Jarrow’s Constituency Labour Party (CLP).

Nicola Richards MP (Conservative)
Another of the young conservatives with an early entry into local politics.
No overt feminist connections.

Six of the eleven members are clearly feminists. Feminists do not represent women and feminism does not support equality. None of them belong on a committee about women or one about equality.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women in Parliament.
An All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) is an unofficial group that fits parliamentary standards for approval.
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women in Parliament is run by one of the UK’s most visible feminist organisations, the Fawcett Society. In their words, it “brings together MPs and peers to discuss and campaign for increasing the number of women in Parliament in all parties”. It also provides support and advice to women in Parliament and those standing for public office.
One of the Group’s activities is promoting closing all female prisons and releasing all dangerous criminals into society, so long as they are women. As stupid as the idea sounds, it is gaining support.

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