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Violence has no ‘gender’

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On the International Day on gender violence, which was held last Monday, 25 November 2019, the Spanish HazteOir.org (be heard) media sent the message that “violence does not have gender”.

This does not intend, in any way, to claim violence against women exerted by violent men who call themselves men when they are animals.

The so-called gender violence is a social theory made by the arguments of gender ideology. We have to stop to think with a much more complete vision. Domestic violence is not exclusive to one sex. Of course there is violence against women, but it should not be the only one that arouses the interest of rulers and the media

Rosana Ribera de Gracia, Spokeswoman, HazteOir.org

Abuse was condemned regardless of who the violence comes from. “Violence is violence and it is deplorable if it is committed from man to woman and from woman to man, and there is no distinction to be made.”

HazteOir said that we should not talk about ‘gender violence’. Spain has some of the most misandric laws in this area but it isn’t alone. If the UK elections are won by the Labour Party, they have promised to bring in similarly hateful and damaging laws against men and society.

[Our law is] not adequate for equality because it does not contemplate the presumption of innocence of the male, nor does it protect, because they are male, children, youth, men or elders of their abusers, who are sometimes women. There is no denying that there are violent and strong men, but it is also a reality that there are stronger violent women than some men. Violence of ‘gender’, therefore, discriminates against men.

Rosana Ribera de Gracia, Spokeswoman, HazteOir.org

The full press release in Spanish is here.

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