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When bigotry cloaks itself as social justice

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There’s an interesting and thoughtful article written by Pamela B. Paresky Ph.D. on the insidious nature of antisemitism.

It is essential that schools disavow and condemn antisemitism in the strongest terms. And if swastikas appear in school hallways and classrooms, it is appropriate to communicate with students and parents about the Nazi use of swastikas rather than the “ancient history of the symbol” (as one parent put it).

Pamela B. Paresky, Psychology Today

The hammer and sickle should be equally treated with the Nazi swastika. It actually killed more people (no communist nation ever has not caused major disaster to large swathes of its population) and so deserves equal disgust.

No ideology based on lies, which inevitably leads to hatred and from there to violence, should be found acceptable.

The article is worth a read.

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