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When women earn more than men, that’s not discrimination?

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The German paper De Welt (The World) reports on a survey of salaries of Germany’s top 30 companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (the DAX market).

According to a recent survey by consulting firm EY, women’s board members earned an average of €124,000 more from a Dax-listed company than their male counterparts last year. For example, a female Dax 30 member of the Executive Board came to a total compensation of €3.039 million, and the men had to settle for an average of €2.915 million.

There can be no talk of discrimination against women in the salaries of the largest public companies in the country – if so, then men have reason to complain…

“The gender pay gap in this segment is sustainably closed,” says EY compensation expert Jens Massmann. According to the economic textbook, the difference in development can be explained by the free play of supply and demand. Because companies are increasingly looking for women for the top management, they can determine the prices.

From this, we see that if men earn more than women, that’s discrimination. But when women earn more than men “the gender pay gap is closed”. 

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