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Wives who have found a way to live as most want .. or have they?

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‘Submitting to my husband like it’s 1959′: Why I became a #TradWife

For most of human history, men and women worked for their own benefit, for that of their children and undoubtedly to the benefit of the society they lived in. With the industrial revolution came there was a move to long hard labour in factories. As machines have gradually done more of the effort, people were able to relax more and the ability not to work, which was once just the luxury a few of even the of the small upper class gradually spread through society.

From today’s viewpoint, this seems to have been reached a peak in the 1950s, with most women not having to have a job and able to live off her husband, who would support not only the two of them but their children too, all on his one income.

Then came a resurgence in Marxism, which told women they should not be “idle” but should get out to work. Karl Marx and the Baron Engels, who together wrote the Communist Manifesto, clearly had no idea how much real work a house and children could be. Then feminism rose from Marxism to reinforce the message that women should enter the workforce and stop living off their man. Business owners were delighted, of course: a larger workforce would put a downward pressure on wages. Land owners were delighted: extra income in the home could be siphoned off into paying more for having a roof over people’s heads.

And so we now have a situation where most families, once again, are unable to pay for two adults and children all on one income. And most shudder at having more than two children: they just can’t afford it.

In England, for example, the number of mothers who had to work rose by a million between 1997 and 2017. But many of them would rather not be at work. A large poll in the USA found that more than half of working mothers would rather stay home. Though it’s not all one-sided: many of those working as housewives and mothers had a preference to get out to work!

Meanwhile, 57 percent of [stay-at-home mothers] who took part in the poll claimed they were happy the way things are. But 37 percent were of the opinion that working would suit them better. It seems no matter your situation, sometimes you are going to wish things could be different.


Yet the latest results from Gallup indicate that women’s desire to stay at home is growing year by year.

Despite the economic difficulties of living on less than a dual income for some couples, others can do it, particularly where land/house prices still make it feasible.

And inevitably, it has become a ‘thing’ for a woman to actually admit that she wants a role as full-time housewife and mother. It’s being called a Tradwife, short for traditional wife, though it was only ever a short-lived tradition for most people.

A wife who fulfils a traditional gender role based on Western middle-class femininity of the mid twentieth century.
TradWives is a growing movement of women who promote ultra-traditional gender roles.

(We won’t embarrass the dictionary source, whose spelling error we corrected.)

Search the hashtag ‘#tradwife’ on social media and you’ll see images of cooked dinners and freshly-baked cakes with captions like, “A woman’s place is in the home” or “Trying to be a man is a waste of a woman”. There is a lot to that last statement, just as it is a waste of a man trying to be a woman. As Sweden has discovered, the more you try making men and women the same, the more they will emphasise their differences.

There are some sources claiming that the term ‘tradwife’ is associated with the far/alt right. There is some correlation in that it takes a high-earning man who also has conservative views of the family but tradwives can also be found married to blue-collar workers and it has nothing to do with a political outlook. It is a social outlook, one that cares about children, utilises the man for earnings and his willingness to work (75% of men would rather work outside the home) and utilises the woman for her home-making and nurturing skills.

Alena, who lives in the UK, says it’s about “submitting to and spoiling her husband like it’s 1959” – as well as supporting a return to “traditional English manners, lifestyle and values.”


Supporting one another in marriage and caring about for the family is more than just a fad, though. Even the BBC has a six-minute video as part of a short article. There are some aspects which are clearly trying to return to what brought humanity as far as it has, applied to a modern world. But is it the right direction for society?

Is a return to 1950s style home-making the right way for society to go? Is it acceptable for some women to choose this kind of life? What does it say about the husbands? Your comments and thoughts are invited.

3 comments on “Wives who have found a way to live as most want .. or have they?

A woman’s body is literally designed for pregnancy, giving birth, feeding, etc. children and their emotional quotient is suited to nurturing children and the man’s designed to work and provide. How does it make any sense for the women to leave their children in order to pretend (badly) that they’re men?

As the quote said; A woman pretending to be a man is a waste of a woman!

This is more biological reductionist garbage.

Women are not pretending to be men.This is a right wing strawman.

Also men out perform women as parents, so that debunks your nonsense about women being designed to raise children.


It’s all about choice and respecting peoples choice of life style. I think a Tradwife is a great thing. My wife is a Tradwife. But people do look down on it. Which I don’t understand. If a woman want to be a career woman with no children, that’s her choice and I don’t look down on it.

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